Sunday, May 4, 2008

School's a stirrin'

On Saturday morning after a business meeting, I found myself wondering into a church in Franklin, TN. No, I wasn't lost, but I'm sure a look of "pure awe" was on my face. It reminds me of my dear friend Chrystal who is ALL about bargain shopping. I was at a used homeschool curriculm fair. It was fabulous. I truly was overwhlemed with all the supplies these families brought to sell. One family in particular was using their money made to bring a little girl home from China. For the most part, people just wanted to sell in order to buy for the upcoming year. It was in the gym of this church, and there was stuff packing out the room!! I really was just trying to take it all in, and not feel the need to buy any and everything K-1. Thankfully, some seasoned homeschoolers had sent me lists of "must-haves", so I was looking for those things. I really didn't have great intentioins of buying bunches, being that I'm going to another used fair in 2 weeks. But...I did come home with a few good finds for only $20! (do I sound like you, Chrystal:-))
  • Five In a Row vol.1
  • First Book of Nature
  • The Yucky Alphabet Book - an amphibian alphabet book
  • Nature Art Projects
  • The CLown of God Book (used in FIAR)
  • Draw.Write.NOw Book 2

You can kind of see a theme: nature, art, projects and reading. That pretty much will sum up Owen's first year. To all you other homeschool moms that haven't sent me your "must haves" please do.


Anna Morrison said...

Hooray!! You do sound like Chrystal! You got some great deals. I am so glad you found that stuff. You'll really like it, Laurie. I can't wait to hear more.

Chrystal said...

YEAH!!! I'm excited for you and your good bargins! :) There's only a few things that make me as excited as saving lots of money.

Anna Morrison said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those new photos are AWESOME! I love them! They capture the joy that is present in your lives.

I enjoy you so much!!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

wow sounds cool.

will you email me when you know of any sales around here? i would just like to go and look around.

thanks girl.