Friday, December 19, 2008


I am just giddy about tomorrow! Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas with our boys, our little family. They are SUPER siked about it and have been counting down for days. I just can't wait to feel the joy and excitement in our home tomorrow as we make memories. Christmas '08. Even tonight as we put the little ones to bed they we just giddy. Giddy that in 12 hours from now when they will be bouncing on our beds saying, "Is it time, can we open our gifts, can we, can we!" They are definately at the age of surprises, and love every minute of it. So, tonight I'm giddy. My stomach is almost nervous just thinking about their smiles and fun that will hppen in the Vinson home tomorrow! :-)

Just a side note, can I just tell you how much I love hearing Owen pray! The last few nights he has really gotten into it, and I absolutely love hearing his heart unfold in those moments. Precious I tell you!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Card Funnies :-)

Each year I just love trying to capture the season of our life to share with all of you near and far. To make the cards is fun, relaxing, joyful, and creative, but to make the pictures it can be frustrating. Trying to get three little guys to all "pose" is a funny, unrealistic expection in and of itself. God is definatley giving me more of a sense of humor to enjoy them and their sillies where they are at 5,4, and 2. So this year, I had an image in my head as to what would be a cute pic. Well, the pictures we settled on were not what I invisioned... but better. We just had fun traveling around the yard, wearing our infamous crazy hats, changing hats, being silly, and doing things they wanted.

I won't spoil the surprise of opening our card. Not because its ours, just because getting mail this time of year is so fun! So have a laugh on us as you see some of the pics that we saved for a slide show versus our card. :-) Isn't it crazy that the pictures that are usually the ones you want are the ones taken first or last, and not the 50 in the middle:-). At least for us, that was the case this year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sanctuary for our Soul

Chad and I had a wonderful get-away this weekend to Whitestone Cottage Inn. It is a 360 acre sanctuary nestled in the east TN mtns. about 45 minutes from Knoxville. We took off after lunch on Friday and loved the travel with a quiet car. At first it was a little weird (Chad even turned around as we left the driveway and said, "Everyone o.k?" :-), but we quickly settled into the peacefulness. We arrived early evening so it give us some time before appetizers at 6:00, then dinner at 6:30. Our room was in the top of the entrance barn, and then we just walked down to the Farmhouse for the meals. The food was fabulous, scenery fabulous...I mean what's not to love about God's creation?, and the peacefulness that just surrounded us was healing.
We have had an emotionally stretching fall and some friends had given us this getaway which was much needed. We both returned refreshed from lots of sleep, minimal texts, and time together to remind us of how blessed we are to have each other. It so easy for me to forget that as the "dailys" pour on, and the urgent takes front seat.
I would HIGHLY recommend this sweet place for anyone to venture to and slow down. I know we would have hiked more or gotten on the lake had it been warmer, so there's lots to do outside while you're there.

Whitestone Cottage Inn

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Perfect Tree

On the way home from Charlotte, we rekindled a sweet memory of my childhood and visited a Christmas tree farm. Having grown up with an uncle who had trees on his farm that we sometimes cut, this was just yummy! This was Chad and the boys first time and we all had a blast. Since having moved out of NC, we either had not put up a tree, because we were always gone during the holidays, or put up our 4 foot artifical tree which seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year. ha Plus, at this farm we could cut a Frasier Fir, my favorite. The boys loved the hunt, the adventure of hiking the mtn. and the fun of rolling down the hills. Yes, Chad included! Did I say we have 3 or 4 boys? I truly do love his playfulness with the boys :-) So there's to our perfect tree.

Thanksgiving '08

Chad and Haywood workin' on the bridge
Hallsey and Griffin helping with the bridge

Yes, this is me trying to relive the wonder years

Here comes fun.... He loved his big cousins

Haywood showing Owen how to jump a scooter...great?! :-)

Yes, I's past Thanksgiving, but I just wanted to share about our time in North Carolina. We went to my brother's home and spent three days with his family. It was full of non-stop noise and the hum of excitement. Part of each day the boys spent time with Uncle "Bird", Haywood, Hallsey, Hamilton, and Chad down at the river (behind their house) trying to build something! To their dismay, the bridge did collapse when Uncle Bird "tried it out" at the end of the day.

Update on IVEY: She was moved to a regular hospital room on Thanksgiving, and then to a rehab facility on Monday. God has been so good to provide her with healing to start rehab. She still has a long way to go, but seems to be adjusting. Mom visits daily and Ivey is making the most of all the holiday entertainment. They just roll her in and she listens to holiday music from various performers. The rehab takes a lot out of her, but she's a fighter. Thanks for all your prayers and concern.