Monday, March 16, 2009

Email Change

Ok, so I'm a little overwhelmed with the thought of entering a ton of email addresses into my new account, so I need your help. If you email and want to keep up that way, pls. save this change.

I have had this email for about 5 years and today it died without any warning. So the thought of remembering who needs it is crazy. You know all those people that want it for security purposes, billing companies, and most importantly, the people I correspond with; YOU!:-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Servant's Heart at 6

My heart is so filled with thankfulness tonight as I share the events of our evening. This morning Griffin was running a temperature and not feeling well. As the day went on he nestled himself into the couch to watch Prince Caspian, and that's when it all unfolded. Poor little guy got sick sitting next to Owen and Owen immediately got up, found me and yelled to come quick. While I was tending to Griffin, Owen got the trashcan and towel. The night went on and once again Owen served his brother with love. He ran got another towel, a cup to use in the bathtub, some water, and read Griffin a story while I went to wash Ellie. When I came back up stairs, Owen wanted to know when Ellie would be dry. So in the meantime, Owen got Griffin's puppy to sleep with until Ellie was dry. Lastly, Owen came over to where I was rubbing Grif's back and joined in. He was SO tender towards his brother. He has great love and care for him. And for that, my heart is proud.

Movin' On Up

Just writing that title reminds me of "The Jeffersons" sit-com that I remember watching occassionally when I was little. No we aren't watching reruns of it now, but in one room of the house, we are "movin on up."
We recently bunked Owen and Griffin's bed and rearranged the room a bit. This was a rite of passage to "6" for Owen. He has been looking forward to it and they both have loved the idea of their own space within the bed. We would at some point like to bunk them all together in a room, but that will need to wait. I'm not quite ready to manage them all together. So, cheers to being "6"!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!


M-madly in love with him
A-amazing daddy

N-noncook :-)
O-only one for me
N-never gives up

Happy Birthday Daddy!! We love are the best daddy!!

March 1st Snow- crazy!!!

Yesterday morning we woke up to a 3-4 inch blanket of snow...What a wonderful surprise to our Sunday. We just loved laying low by playing in the snow, making homemade hot cocoa, watching Wall-E, and resting. We started making a little Tate snowman, which you see in the picture, but I have to share the cutest part. When I asked Tate to stand by the snowman, he grabbed his hand/branch to take the picture! He was so proud of his new friend, then when Daddy got outside, we worked on the Daddy snowman. I really think it ended up being close to 5 feet. Craziness! Daddy and I enjoyed reminiscing of our college days with tons of snow. Check out our Frosty

Griffin's one minute snow appearance...he prefered the warmth

Owen's snow-angel

Velveteen Rabbit

Last Tuesday the boys and I took a field trip to see the Velveteen Rabbit at a local Arts Center. The day before and of we read the story so we could compare the similarities and differences of the book and play. We had a blast being able to get pictures by the stage, sit in the second row, and then meet the cast afterwards. I just love these experiences with them..

Owen's birthday

We had such a full and fun time with Owen's birthday this year. Once again he chose to celebrate with family versus a big 'ol party, so....we went to Glow Galaxy and then on to P.F.Changs for dinner. Glow Galaxy is a glow in the dark bounce house and putt-putt place. At P.F. Changs it was great ordering from the gluten-free menu for our family. Later that week we went to Mellow Mushroom with 2 of his best buds and reserved the bus- an actual bus sits in the restuarant and is a great spot for children to be themselves. Here are some snapshots of our fun...