Wednesday, October 5, 2011

7 SWEET years

Edible soccerballs
Celebration Snack

Playing the "Nothin' or Noggin'" heading game

All of Griffin's "Soccer Team"

We have had such a fun time celebrating Griffin the last few days. On Sunday we had a soccer party with some of his friends. He loved it! We played a game of soccer, a heading game, and crab game which made everyone laugh.

Here are 7 of the many things I love about Grif!

1- hugs and snuggles on the couch
2- the ways he adores his brothers
3- his hearty laughter
4- his compassion for animals
5- his perseverance and diligence
6- the way he has a comfortable confidence
7- gentleness

Sweet Jesus, thank you for placing Griffin right in the middle of our family. He has a very special role of being a big brother and younger brother, and you knew his place in our family before time. We pray that you will continue to grow him in his tenderness towards you. You have uniquely gifted him for your work, and we pray that he continues to see himself in that light. Thank you for letting us walk this journey with him, because it is an honor to be his momma!