Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fuji Date Night

Last night Chad and I had this spontanious idea to take the boys out for a date night. We told them we were going somewhere new and exciting. Of course they asked all kinds of questions, but we held out until we got there. We all dressed up, boys matching...too cute. We ventured to the local Japanese steakhouse, Fuji. We had so much fun. We all loved the ginger salad, Owen and Tate loved the soup with Chad and me, and everyone enjoyed our shrimp and veggies meal. Owen kept saying, "I want to eat everything he cooks!", Tate kept swealing, "Yeeh!" throwing his arms in the air when the flames got high, and Griffin just quietly checked things out next to momma.
I must say though, Chad and I were completely shocked at the amount of people that were there, and treating it as a "Let's go grab a bite out, casual type place." I remember going to a similar place growing up, but it was rare and a big deal. You know, the whole dress up, special date kind of place. Needless to say, for our family it will be a rare visit and I hope we can continue to teach our boys the simple art of appreciation through moments like this.

Thank you Lord for the little things in life, those surprises to our days, and the moments to experience new things with our children. I am so grateful for Chad and his desire to treat us.

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Anna Morrison said...

What a joy to see you enjoying parenthood like you do. Your children are surely blessed!