Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fruits of our Labor

Last Wed. the boys and I went to a Strawberry farm with some friends. The car was loaded down with 5 boys and 3 moms. Talk about excitement!!! There was never a dull moment in the car. Once we got to the farm, the owner descibed the patch as a 2 year old Easter Egg Hunt, meaning...easy pickin'. So us moms split up and went at it. I picked mostly canning strawberries (i.e the smaller ones that are "sugar cubes" and the best for preserves) The other moms picked the eating ones, and we were literally had full flats in 30 minutes. Which was a good thing, being that the boys were done in half that time. Besides the fact that one of my children got reprimanded for stepping on some rows, we had a great time. We had packed a lunch, so we just enjoyed the whole morning out. I brought home 2 flats, and made one of those into strawberry preserves. I am just thrilled, since last year my batch was a little over cooked. (Ask me how later) Just look at our 7 pints of preserves. I think we are set for a while!!

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Karen said...

ummmm...looks yummy! I am starting on my preserves tomorrow...don't think we'll get 7 jars though! Impressive!! The farm in Wartrace took about 25 minutes to get to, at most, and the berries were great. When can I come over for some tea and jam??:):)