Saturday, December 11, 2010


Before present can see their excitement!
Isabella (2) opening her presents
The top of Uncle Marvin's Christmas tree hill..the boys LOVED roaming the mtn all day!!!
Riding with Uncle Marvin in his Kubota
Mountain Top view of the Ferguson farm that I spent many summers playing..the white house on the far left was my grandfather's house
Yaya, Sophia (bundled up) and Aunt Jenna
Woot-woot: we get to cut it down!
Owen wrapping our tree
The Whole Vinson/Parker Gang

The week of Thanksgiving we met up with the Vinson/Parker Gang in Boone, NC at a cabin for the week. Thank you Poppy and Yaya!! We had a great time spending that time with our sweet little girl cousins, meeting Sophia for the first time, taking lots of walks and hikes, and just being together. The weather was great to be outside thankfully, and on Thanksgiving, the boys had planned to play flag football. So, we found a park and spent most of the afternoon laughing, running, tackling, and scoring touchdowns. What a FUN memory with Aunt Chel, Uncle D, and Poppy! We ended the week going to a Christmas tree farm and picking and cutting our tree. There were so many to choose from-wow!
One day we drove over to Jefferson to visit my Uncle Marvin and Aunt Wanda, cousin Renee and her new little girl, Amelia. We had a wonderful day roaming the farm, checking out their remodeled home, picking out a little tree for the boys, cracking black walnuts, wandering through the barns I used to play in, and eating some straight up delicious food! Yummy molasses stack cake!!
At the end, the boys rode home with Poppy and Yaya, and spent a week with family in NC. They had a blast spending that time in the car, going to Grandma Jo's for a few days and then on to my mom's house. It was a early Christmas present for Chad and I to have a week to ourselves in our own home. We forgot what it was like to sleep til 9am!!! That week, Chad was able to work on school work after hours and I worked on some Christmas presents. fun stuff!
We are SUPER glad to have the boys back and adjusted from travels, but it sure was a fun adventure!