Tuesday, April 29, 2008

8 years and counting!

I really can't believe it has been eight years since I walked the aisle to become Mrs. Chad Michael Vinson! I just love him so much and God has blessed our marriage in so many ways. As silver is put into a foundry to be refined, so has our relationship. Some of those moments have included moves, family and friend losses, disagreements, three bundles of pure delight, time constraints, and financial limitations, but I can truly say we can NOW look at those times as a blessing. They have made us hungry after God's Word, cling to His mighty hands, love each other more sacrificially, and learn not to depend on our own strength!
I just love waking up with my best friend, and I'm so thankful that he loves me on my yucky days....believe me...I've had a few! We were just talking recently about how much God has changed both of us in the last 8 years and for that I am eternally grateful. One of the best parts besides living with Chad is that I get to serve with him. We both dearly love our youth kids and have a heart for that next generation. I diddo Chad's words to me in my anniversary card. "I know there will be more steps in the future and I'm thankful to God that you/Chad will be with me stepping right along!"
I love you, Chad!!!

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Anna Morrison said...

Happy 8th Anniversary you two! I still can picture you both standing there on your wedding day. I remember your parents faces as you joined in marriage. I remember your tears. I remember the gorgeous bright and beautiful flowers. Most of all, I remember the joy.

You both have grown a lot. You have done that graciously.

We love you. We are thankful for your example and how determined you are to love one another.