Friday, August 17, 2007

Adrenaline Junkies

Today we had the chance to go out on a boat with another youth couple and their 16 month old. We opted to only take Owen due to possible risks and room with the two little ones. We had an absolute blast. Chad and Owen tubed, Owen and I tubed, Owen tubed solo, Chad and I knee-boarded, and Chad skied. Yes, my failed attempt left me having a harder time getting my foot in the ski without tipping my body over. Quite a sight to any onlookers! Anyways, the best part was.....cliff jumping. Yes, I think Owen has a double dose of "adrenaline-junkie" in his veins. Chad jumped off about a 40 foot drop, and Owen and I jumped off about a 10 foot drop. Not bad for the first time and only being four! My days of bungee-jumping have since past, but I must say even today it was SUCH a thrill. Sorry for no photos. I was kicking myself for not bringing it for all these firsts. I guess that means we have to go back. DARN :-)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, I have taken some time away from blogging, but it has not necessarily been on purpose. My days have been filled with much, and many nights I didn't have the energy to share my joys and struggles. You may be wondering why I choose the entry title of 104. Over the last two weeks, I have experienced:

  • the temperature being on or around 104 and finding creative ways to enjoy that with my boys
  • 104 smiles
  • 104 times of putting my second child in his "big boy" bed during golly he's got it
  • building 104 forts in the family room
  • 104 books per day
  • 104 games of hopscotch on the kitchen floor...look for the pics
  • 104 puzzle "put-togethers"
  • 104 minutes of outside play, which for our family, it's usually 3x that on most days
  • 104 minutes of "Sprinkoline time" - if you are unaware as to what this is, it's the combo of having your sprinkler under your trampoline...super fun
  • 104 minutes at "Splash Pad" - a local park that has water fun for all ages
  • 104 "mommy watch this" moments while we have resurrected their playroom toys
  • 104 laughs (bug-eye pics)
  • 104 pieces of artwork
  • 104 times of putting up the tupperware cabinet after Tate has explored

Yes, these days have been long and weary at times, but all the while, I'm so grateful and thankful to have had those moments with my boys. Motherhood at home is hard, But so rewarding! The days of their childhood are so quickly fleeting, but I am committed to treasure, relish, savor, and enjoy each of them for who they are.