Friday, October 15, 2010

“I’m most blessed when I live each moment as though I’m in desperate need of God’s grace, for in that moment I increase my ownership in the kingdom of God.”
~Jesus (reworded by Ken Boa)

Creative Fun and Camping

WHat our boys do when a table is left in the backyard...who needs "real" toys?

This picture just makes me giggle..Looking at his twig legs in my shoes and then that sly little smile. What a nut!!

Here are two of the four ladder back chairs in recently acquired from an antique warehouse, and so I decided to paint 2 black, 1 red and 1 was already a green great in the dining room.

Chair Intermission: Let's paint a brick instead:-)

Ta-da! Two more chairs for our table!!

From the sounds of it, many of our friends had the same fun idea last weekend..CAMPOUT!! I was amazed they all 4 lasted till 6:30am, but they were champs(as they ran inside to get warm ;-))

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Invasion of the SUPER HEROES!

the Super Hero training warm-up! Check out those heroes: Luke Skywalker, Woody, Anakin, Boba Fet, Storm Trooper, Optimus Prime, Captain America, Superman, Super Stitch, Batman, Darth Vader and a FBI agent!
Anakin turned into Darth Vader; aka birthday boy was going through one of the obstacle course trainings for the super heroes.
Can you just feel his excitement!! Yay for STAR WARS!!
A delicious Ice-cream pizza we found at Maggie Moos (lactose-free) and it was yummy with our cupcakes;-)
Captain America and Superman!
Destroying Darth Vader: all super heroes were needed to get rid of this pinata!
Opening his present from Grandmother!
This year for Griffin's 6th birthday, we have been consumed with anything and everything Star Wars. So, we created a "Super Hero training camp" where they all warmed-up, practiced an obstacle course yelling their "hero's name" at the end, tested their balancing ability with an egg race, accuracy with swinging and taking out a pinata, and then of course, food!!! I think Girffin felt wonderfully loved by all his friends and had a blast! Before and after the party we watched the pre-trilogy Star Wars 1,2,3 and then headed to Mellow Mushroom to check out their new GLUTEN-free CRUST. The day was a success in the eyes of my precious little man!

Griffin, I thank the Lord daily as I see Him growing and changing you into a tender warrior for his Kingdom. You have a unique ability to include and care for those around you that could get lost in the crowd-you draw them in-you are intuitive to the hurts of others and wanting them to be ok- So far in your short life, God is already knitting your heart for a specific purpose and I look forward to watching where He guides your path. Thank you for being such a joy to have and laugh with in our home!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last weekend, a dear friend of ours, Rebekah, took these amazing pictures of the fellas. She was wanting some practice with multiple children and asked if I'd be up for it. HECK YEAH! As Chad says, "You're a picture fanatic!" And being that photography is NOT my gift, I was totally up for someone else to take the shots. So she spent about an hour snapping away, and I came home with many keepers.
I few years back when Owen was 5, Griffin 3, and Tate 1 we had similar pictures taken. I wanted to now get a few shots with Griffin now five (that's why the denim overall pics are mixed in) and this past Sat was perfect! (My thought and goal is to "one day" have a picture of each of them at age 5 on the wall) They were taken at a local historic site that provides unique settings, great color, and fun in the water. What child doesn't like that? Anyway, Chad and I were super pleased with the wonderful images and the fellas cooperation and we hope to do more pictures with the whole family soon! Just wanted to share our excitement....ENJOY;-)