Tuesday, April 29, 2008

8 years and counting!

I really can't believe it has been eight years since I walked the aisle to become Mrs. Chad Michael Vinson! I just love him so much and God has blessed our marriage in so many ways. As silver is put into a foundry to be refined, so has our relationship. Some of those moments have included moves, family and friend losses, disagreements, three bundles of pure delight, time constraints, and financial limitations, but I can truly say we can NOW look at those times as a blessing. They have made us hungry after God's Word, cling to His mighty hands, love each other more sacrificially, and learn not to depend on our own strength!
I just love waking up with my best friend, and I'm so thankful that he loves me on my yucky days....believe me...I've had a few! We were just talking recently about how much God has changed both of us in the last 8 years and for that I am eternally grateful. One of the best parts besides living with Chad is that I get to serve with him. We both dearly love our youth kids and have a heart for that next generation. I diddo Chad's words to me in my anniversary card. "I know there will be more steps in the future and I'm thankful to God that you/Chad will be with me stepping right along!"
I love you, Chad!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Juice Plus Phoenix Conference!!!

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Phoenix Arizona for a long weekend. You ask, why AZ? Well, six years ago I was introduced to an amazing whole food (real food) supplement found in a capsule. Because I knew my dad was battling cancer at the time, I wanted to change the course of my life's health. After learning about the continued research versus testimonials, I knew this was what I needed.

This conference celebrated the 15 years of Juice Plus, and really shared the "creator's" story. Dr. Santillo is a naturopathic doctor whose dad was also battling cancer, and with his background, knew that fruits and veggies' chlorophyll cells fit blood cells perfectly, in return, provide healing to a sick body. So, he choose nutritionally dense fruits and veggies, juiced them, extracted the water, salt and sugar, and put them in a capsule. Amazing! Some people ask how all that food can get into a capsule.....truth be known, if we were too dehydrated we would fit in a baggie. I know, bad mental picture but true. :-)

So....getting away for a few days, I come home refreshed to serve and love my boys, thankful to my mother-in-law for coming help care for everyone, and excited about sharing the benefits of fruits and veggies with everyone. The majority of us know that they are good for us, but real life kicks in, and Juice Plus makes it real simple.

I truly am thankful that someone shared with me and know I am changing my family's future with good nutrition.

If you want to check out what this long message is about and see the research for yourself, go to www.juiceplus.com/+lv47788


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sowing and Reaping

We had such a fun day on Thursday finishing out the beginning stages of our little garden. This is my first garden and I'm so thrilled. I remember growing up harvesting veggies out of my grandmother's garden every sunday after church, so this brings back some fun memories. While I was in Biloxi with our youth group, my mom worked her tail off getting the boys to do some planting. I came home to 3 excited boys just beaming with excitement about their flowers and veggies. They planted 2 tomato plants, 3 pepper plants and about 5 broccolli plants. She had also gotten some seeds to sow. That was our job this week. We sowed squash, zucchini, beans, beets and more tomatoes into little trays and will later transport them.

While we were working, getting dirty in the soil, and talking the conversation of sowing and reaping came up. It was just perfect timing for me and the boys. Earlier this week I had asked a friend for some Godly wisdom with training my oldest. During our conversation she stated, ultimately we are to teach them that they reap what they sow...in all areas of their life. So, this thought resonated in me while I was outside with the boys. So, not only did we talk about sowing and reaping with gardening, but also our actions, words, truthfulness, and other core issues.

Now, I am hopeful of this gardening thing, but I have more faith that God is planting more than I could ever dream of in my heart and the boys' hearts. My prayer is that we all would be mindful of our "sowing and reaping" as we go through our day.
What are you sowing?

My Little Helpers

This past Tuesday I spent more time than normal cleaning and tidying up around the house. I had anticipated Thursday and Friday being full, so if I was going to have a "clean" house, (That phrase is debatable) Tuesday was the day. I usually like to get the boys situated in an activity after we have tidied up, but this day I was explaining how I also needed to mop today. Owen then states, "Mom, I'm a great mopper! Let me do it!" I was so taken back, I just said...Go for it. It was a perfect opportunity to guide him and train his little helping heart. I was so proud of him and his willingness to offer. Now, it may NEVER happen again until he is assigned mopping, but for now, I will treasure it.

My other two monkeys, Griffin and Tate, also pitched in with chores. Yes, it takes twice as long, but I just love the fact that my boys are learning the skills to do housework. Chad does an amazing job helping out around the house, so I know his example is definately contagious ...What a blessing! I know how much I love his help, and maybe, Lord willing, some lovely daughter-in-laws will reap the blessing as well.