Saturday, February 25, 2012

Luke 2:52

I will be eternally grateful for the men and women that have taken the time to impart God's Word and His love in my children. This is just ONE example of how Tate is learning about God's love for him through the stories shared at CBS and church. He sometimes will share bits and pieces, but for him to take the initiative, draw the picture, and ASK to be video, and actually talk about it is just priceless to me. He is growing both in wisdom and stature and favor in the LORD. For those who need help understanding Tate's version :-) it is a story of how Jesus was asleep in the boat when his disciples "aka helpers" got scared of the storm....they awoke Jesus and he calmed the waves.

He also did a Jonah story but that one had Jonah diving off the diving board into the water....He said that was the Veggie Tale version. haha

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nine years already??

Happy Birthday Owen!!!!

Owen receiving his "bear" ranking...onto Webelos!

Our thoughtful reader...

Being Goofy! - planking in Nashville!

Dinner at Puckett's with the fam after going to the circus for Owen's birthday outing. I love that he still wants to do things with his family on his birthday!
Lord, thank you for the blessing of Owen. He is such a tender, creative, people lover who cares for many. I know you have planned his days and I wait to watch how you direct his path. Thank you for letting us nurture and care for him these last 9 years...he has taught us so much!"

Some love for my loves!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Got this idea from Pinterest....the boys loved the heart-shape goodie....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magic Kingdom

On our Christmas trip to Disney we spent 2 days at Magic Kingdom, and here is a snip-it of our fun there. The first day we stayed in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, then the second day we were in Adventureland and Frontier land. At Fantasyland, we visited Dumbo, Snow White's Scary Adventure, and Prince's Carousel, Mickey's Philarmagic show, and my childhood favorite 'It's A Small World." Tomorrowland was a big hit for the fellas....I think we all rode Space Mtn. about 4 times!!! Buzz Lightyear 3D ride was so cool and Tate loved driving his own car. YIKES! I'm a little scared to see what will come in 10 years:-) Although the park was PACKED (closing each day at 10:30) we had a blast. The guys are at such a fun age to really enjoy trips like these together. We were able to ride things and experience things together, versus the "divide and conquer" approach the last few years. So we are seizing every moment with these guys. Thankfully Mom was able to come down a few days and enjoy the magic with us. It was really fun to share these memories with her too!!

PS... Hollywood Studios video to come....hopefully not a month later:-) haha