Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekend To Remember

Last weekend Chad and I had the priviledge of spending every waking moment with each other without any interruptions. It was wonderful! Not that interruptions are bad, but the simple fact that we could have each other's attention....oh did I feel loved!
Just the simple act, yet complicated, of getting away together for 2 nights to remind ourselves and our Heavenly Maker that we were created to complete one another. Not just in that intimate way, but in so many different realms. It was fun to reminense of how we met, what drew us to one another, and those little quirks we have resigned to changing about the other. It's those quirks that will one day make us love our loved ones even more.
My heart is full and thankful now as I write, just thinking about the Marriage Conference and how we plan to return often. To all of you out there that truly love your spouse, start praying now for the opportunity to attend a "Weekend To Remember" Marriage Conference. Just the fact alone that you are away from all laundry, spats, picking up, and even those sweet good-night prayers. But to commit time away with Chad was worth it.
Yes, my heart broke thinking about the couples there on the brink of divorce, BUT they came, and I trust their marriage is on the mends. Then on the other extreme, there were engaged couples...WOW! To have started marriage with that wisdom would have definately changed our home! Whatever part of the journey you are on, there is something to be learned...just be teachable.

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Anna Morrison said...

Glad you had some time away & you are refreshed. Sounds inspiring. Thanks for the encouragement.
Love you.