Thursday, April 30, 2009

Egg Hunt at the Nashville Zoo

Where in the world did April go?

My goodness, I can't believe its the last day of April! I feel like I blinked and it was I will try to catch you up to speed on it with the highlights for our family.

Good Friday: The boys and I enjoyed eating lunch in our laundry room while we waited out the tragic tornado. I mean the Lord totally looked out after us despite my clueless-self. I called my next door neighbor about 12:25 and she said, "Laurie, we are under a tornado warning..I have my boys in laundry room!...oh, I guess I should do the same :-)" So, we gathered our lunch and I grabbed some books for the adventure.

Saturday: Our family spent the day up at the Nashville Zoo celebrating with an Easter Egg Hunt. Many kuddos to the zoo!!!! They have the age group hunts down to a science and it went so smoothly. Pictures to follow...

Easter Sunday: Had a fabulous lunch with church friends that also don't have family close. Yum-Yum!

My birthday: the boys were so sweet...that morning Owen wanted to fix my breakfast and then I got to pick lunch, and of course I chose Goodness Gracious. It's was fun to take the boys to this "girlie" place, because they were such little men. Now, the first few minutes they weren't real sure about this new place, but they did great. Then, Chad had planned for a sitter that night and we had some time together out.

Camping/Movie night: Chad took a few guys from the youth group camping last Friday night. They had fun getting lost on the way back, but none-the-less, got back a few hours late. I on the other hand took advantage of a girl night and had a few girls come over to watch a movie.

Travellin' Texans: Last weekend, sweet retired friends from Texas came in for a visit. I taught with Lois my first 2 years and then she retired to start this travellin' journey. She and her husband Fred own a RV and travel around seeing friends and family. They actually started working at Disney in the winter which has been super fun for them. They came and spent 2 days with us on their way back to TX. They last saw us when Owen was 1, so they got to meet Griffin and Tate. The boys immediately feel in love with them. Owen was really trying to understand why they too couldn't be his grandparents. Fred took pictures of the boys on the trampoline, played and pitched baseball two nights in a row, and treated us to a tour of their 250 sq.ft home and their 2 puppies.

Our 9th anniversary: Yippee! I hope to go out tonight, since yesterday was terribly full.

Griffin's latest appt: Dr. Bernui is really encouraged with Grif's growth, development, and progress. We still have metal toxicity that we are going to handle more aggressively, but overall, it was an encouraging visit.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


A week ago, Chad and I had the privilege to take 20 students to Asheville, NC for a week of "labor of love." It is so easy to go through life and not take a moment to reflect or remember, and this trip was a perfect time for me to do it. Here is my list of privileges that God has given me, and it's my responsibility to remember them;
-family that loves my boys
-a reliable car to get us to and fro
-doctors to know my son's needs/$ to pay for it
-fresh food, packaged food-just food-no need to be snobby about it:-)
-heat in my home
-neighbors that look out after us
-a matteress and box springs
-windows that open and close
-clean carpet
-floors with NO holes
-a shower
-kitchen cabinets-not ones that are rusted out
-a laundry room with washer and dryer vs. them being in the kitchen
-someone who cares to listen when i'm hurt
-a home where mom and dad love each other
-a home where I could be a child
-the time to get out of my mommy routine and think and love on somebody I've never met

Thank you Jesus for letting me be the hands and feet for our sweet new friend in Asheville. May he know Your love and mercy when he is lonely and sad. Heal his heart and thank you for allowing us to be You for him.