Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dancing In the Rain

Do you remember dancing in the rain as a child? There is something so freeing, so uninhibited of whirling around as the rain drops on your back. You aren't concerned with anything else in the world, because you are just dancing. You know it's there and that you are getting covered with water, but at the same time it is as if it is washing "something" away. I just loved it as a child, and so do my children.
As I watched Owen and Griffin just dance the other day I was reminded of a song my Young Life leader wrote and sang:
I can see the trouble in your eyes
And I see the smiles disappearing
But I know there's more to this life
Than the things we keep fearing
So let's not worry about the things that we can't change
Cause we've got so much to be thankful for
Christ died to save us all
So let it rain, let the water fall
I'll be dancing in the rain
I'm gonna take this time to celebrate
And I know my sun will shine again
But until then...I'll be dancing in the rain
I want my joy to shine right through
And I'm gonna share my hope with you
But I won't be frightened by this world anymore
Cause standing strong, and I'm holding on
To the hand of my Savior
What precious words! As I literally watch my children dance in the rain, my prayer is that they too will one day dance in the rains of life. When the water is coming down on every side. That they would just dance through those circumstances knowing, believing, and trusting that died Christ to save us.
May you too know, believe and trust!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Myrtle Beach, SC

Road trip, movies in the car, dance music, quiet reading, Hunting Beach State Park, tire swing, pretending to be an eagle sliding down the slide, Bojangle's (2x), gorgeous sunrises, fresh ocean air, sandy faces, chasing seagulls, building sand castles..only to be stomped down, picking up shells for Ivey, the smell of sunscreen, Tate falling asleep in the backpack, cold water, fresh seafood, chasing waves, playing with cousins: H1, H2, and H3 (Haywood, Hallsey, Hamilton), drawing creatures in the sand, visiting the Aquarium, holding horseshoe crab, seeing sawfish and sharks, touching stringrays, Fuddruckers(yum), Tate bouncing in his swing,watching fudge be made, dancing and singing at "the Fudgery," Owen flying on the trampoline thingy, celebrating our Anniversary, competing with my brother as to who is "wiser"..I definately am due to my glorious gray coverage, washing that gray away:-), enjoying pure laughter, dinners with family, put-putting, sushi, lazy river, Owen swimming like a fish, Griffin jumping in the pool like a frog, and Tate grinning from ear to ear, joy, and meeting Vinson cousins at Aunt Jenna's wedding shower
Dear Jesus, thank you for the refreshment we found while away. Time with each other was joyful and I praise you for family; near and far. Thank you for the beautiful creation you made for us to enjoy and to anticipate the indescribable beauty of Heaven one day!