Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 2013!

Oh how I have missed the mental escape that comes with tapping my fingers on a keyboard to share the mundaneness of our simple life, but I hope to be back. We had some computer glitches to which I could post for the last 6 months but I am hopeful. Hopeful for a new start. Hopeful to share the silliness of home and the richness of what my Father continues to teach me. So instead of rehashing the last 6 months, I will share our 2012 highlights: 1- Chad has completed his D Min class work 2- Owen played his first soccer season this past fall and loved it 3- Griffin and Tate shared the soccer field with each other on the same team 4- I have continued to homeschool a now 4th, 2nd, and Kinder 5- Tate's eye sight has strengthened enough to go without a patch, hence putting "pirate Tate to rest" 6- Griffin has celebrated Christmas toothless again! Last year it was his bottom teeth, this year he only wanted his "2 front teeth" -after swallowing one while playing football 7- we visited family in NC, at Hilton Head, and also in Gatlinburg, TN 8- Chad has also finished chapters 1 & 2 of his dissertation!! Woot-woot (3 more to go) 9- most afternoons our yard is the neighborhood hangout where trampoline dodgeball or football take center stage. 10- We spent a wonderful day with Great Grandma Emmie celebrating her birthday- just weeks before her death..