Thursday, August 21, 2008

Isabella Kate (Vinson) Parker

A sweet little girl arrived in the Vinson family last night at 7:45!! yippee

Isabella-Kate (Vinson) Parker

8 lbs. 7oz

21 in

"Thank you Lord for the birth of this precious little girl. May you invade her heart at an early age to have a passion for you. We pray that Derek and Jenna would grow in wisdom and grace with parenting. Thank you for this beautiful, healthy blessing!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making sense of Grief

Late last night Chad and I got word that one of our dear youth guys lost his life in a car accident. Chad immediately left to be by the family's side, and is walking through the decision making today with them. This young man had the gift of bringing laughter to many situations, and He will be extremely missed by his family, friends, the youth group and every other person whose life he has touched. Please join us in praying for the ones he left behind to make sense of this grief- that God would be glorified - and that the youth can put words to their feelings......

Friday, August 15, 2008

Griffin's Gluten-Free Adventure

Over the last week, our family has taken on a new adventure. A GLUTEN and CASEIN FREE DIET....why you ask. Well, Griffin has always struggled with excema on his feet since he was a little fella. Not wanting to treat it the traditional way with creams and allergy meds, we have embraced a more holistic approach. A week ago he and I went to the Center for Restorative Medicine and met with a fabulous doctor. I was so encouraged that he would take over an hour and a half to meet with us, pray with us and learn about my little guy. Our goal is to purge his system of gluten, rebuild his GI Tract, and heal his allergies from the metabolic level. This so excites me!! So, after a week we have collected 2 stool samples, a urine sample, and bought out the gluten free section at Kroger. :-)
I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of removing everything from his diet, but thankfully we are getting it. I have had some sweet friends refer me to great websites and have talked with other moms in my shoes. We don't know if this will be temporary or not, but are hopeful and thankful to see his body healed.
I have attached a "before" picture of his feet. To many of you, this won't look bad, because it actually looks 100 times better than a few months ago.

Please pray for my stamina and creativity while cooking new meals, Griffin's attitude for trying new things, and for God's healing of his body.