Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Finished Prduct

Ta-Da! I made this outfit back in June for Tate, but didn't feel like it was complete since the front was bare. I tossed around the idea of monogramming his initial or even stitching a whimsical "T", but I just "feeling" it. I wanted something more "playful." So, after talking to two girlfriends that stitch...I took the plunge. The turtle hopefully ties in with the buttons. Well, here's to more stitching...


This last week was a special treat in are family. A treat for all, even mommy! All three of the boys had the privilege to attend a local Vacation Bible School. This church did a fabulous job teaching the boys about God's love, forgiveness, protection, provision, and (in Owen's words) "God doesn't lead us into temptation- Satan does." They used the Lord's Prayer as the guide and spent a day on each truth. as you can see in the pictures, the theme for the week was a Jungle Safari, so they brought home handmade jungle crafts each day.
It was a great treat for mommy also, because I had 3 hours each day alone. This was such a blessing as I spent most days doing some school prep for the boys. I was truly thankful, bc I was planning on paying for a babysitter for 2 full days of prep time, and this opportunity fell in my lap. I was so grateful that the boys were learning something of value while I was working. Isn't God just perfect! We are starting school in a couple weeks, so I was able to read, plan, reorganize, and spend time alone preparing my heart for teaching. I'm really excited about this school year and am feeling more prepared as a mom to start it of well.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today after going to the library the boys were totally ready to make their own slip-n-slide. So, drumroll please......

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Choice

This past weekend my back started to give me fits, which usually leads to a "locked up back." I tried to make the minor adjustments in my routine, but to no avail. So on Monday morning I woke up to numbness down my leg. Well, my chiropractor is on vacation this week, but I got into a very gracious doctor. So, that appt filled yesterday morning, and I came home to ice my back while the boys were asleep. I say all that to share what led me to slow down enough to open a new book I recently purchased. The Mom Walk by Sally Clarkson. I just have grown to love her writings, and this is what I read while laying on the floor.
I realize that one of the roles God wants me to play in my children's lives is a conductor of joy, happiness, and celebration.......This doesn't mean I won't have difficulties and times of depression. But I do have choices I can make as a mom that will determine the environment of my home. When I choose to notice, everyday, the beauty of my children instead of the duties my children bring my way, I am worshipping God. WHen I choose to notice the gorgeous sunsets and the spring flowers in the midst of busy days, I am teaching my children to dance, so to speak, through their days. When I choose to beleive in the goodness of God and verbalize my love for HIm, and make an effort to provide delightful food, thoughtful cards, and moments of fun, I am showing my children a God they will be willing to serve - a God who delights in filling their deep desires for intimacy, happiness, purpose and beauty.

As I laid there, I was drawn to think, ok Lord, how can I do that RIGHT now with my back out, well, the chapter continued with:
There will always be things that could potentially threaten to overwhlem us. We have to make a choice to believe in God's ability to provide and so free us to celebrate. We must trust HIm to take us into His generous provision or we will allow life to demoralize us and we give our children instead a model and attitude of complaining and grumbling.

It was His perfect timing to encourage and literally pull me off the floor...after I was smacked in the face:-) but nonetheless, He gave me the strength to celebrate yesterday and today, and for that I'm grateful.

July 4th

The Backyard Buddies

Some good 'ole waterballoon fun on the 4th with neighbors...way to go Tate!

Griffin working on writing Owen's name

Owen writing his name with a sparkler

Tate and his buddy Reid (before the 4th)

Our little family had a great 4th together. We originally had nothing planned, but to spend time at the pool together. As we sat down for Friday night movie night, some friends called for us to join them for a pre-fourth firework and sparkler fun. It was so fun to be up late watching their eyes light up with joy. The next day we had lots of quality time at the pool and then had our neighbors and a single friend over for dinner. Owen was so excited to have made all the water balloons for the evening. He was such the host as he helped fill the water table, balloons and helped move furniture. What a servant heart! Well, after 3 late nights, this crew has been hittin' the bed a little early this week.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Myrtle Beach '09

Chad and I had a dreamy week with our boys at the beach. IT was just the 5 of us, so it was precious time reconnecting with daddy after his trip to Mexico. The timing was perfect because it provided great down time as a family. The simplicity of playing in the sand, jumping waves, packing bag lunches, building dribble castles, fixing dinners in, throwing each other in the pool, afternoons naps for all, shell searching, sandwriting, putt-putting, and yes, the matching outfit pictures. I know, for me that is one thing I had fun with this year, because I attempted to make the outfits for all so that was a HUGE feat.

Poppy's House

During this part of our trip, we celebrated Aunt Chelsea's graduation and 18th birthday! She is a beautiful young woman with a very gifted art talent. Her art pieces are amazing, and so she is going to continue her talent into college. Way to go Aunt Chel-Bel! As you can see, Tate loved him some Isabella while we were there. I think he loved the fact that she was smaller, but now mobile and so much fun.