Sunday, August 30, 2009

Precious Moments

Today our family and church body enjoyed the fellowship of time with each other at a local park. With that came, good food, inflatables for the kiddos and a baptismal time for new professed believers. One of Griffin's best bud's parents were baptized, and that started a precious conversation with Griffin.

Griffin = When can I too be put under the water like Ms. Nikki and Mr. Mike?
Mom= Well buddy, when you ask Jesus to come into your heart and take away your yucky sin, then he can live there and help you make good choices."
Griffin= I want to do that.
Mom=OK buddy, let's pray and ask Jesus to take away your sin and live in your heart
Griffin= OK

This truly is a sacred moment in our family! True, I don't know how much his little mind can grasp, but he has grasped enough to know he has sin and only Jesus can take it away.

On a funny note, Owen was talking (surprise, surprise) during our whole prayer, and then finally I asked him what he wanted and he said, "Mom, you need to show Griffin the Easter Eggs book about how we are on one side and God is on the other and a cross is the bridge for us to get to God. You need to read him that book tomorrow, Mom." You are right Owen- yeah, that's the book we read when I asked Jesus into my heart......

Precious moments for this proud mama!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Griffin 2 wheelin'

A pretty big mile-marker in our home this morning. Griffin asked us to take off his training wheels on his little bike. Now, he usually doesn't ride his bike often b/c his scooter takes first seat, but he was motivated. Determination and perseverance is a gift of Griffin's, and today it proved true. This is about the 3rd video we made b/c he kept going. As I write, Chad has taken Owen and Griffin on the greenway trail to ride....per Grif's request! My little man #2 is growing up :-(


if you know me well, then you are aware of my inability to be spontaneous. If it is not on our home calendar of events, then it won't likely happen.... even including the house cleaning, which is USUALLY Friday. But not TODAY! I'm learning to embrace spontaneity and liking it. Yesterday was an overcast day with cooler weather which just screamed at me during breakfast...ZOO DAY. We haven't enjoyed it much this summer because of the heat, but today was great. Hardly anyone was there and the boys had a blast. We ended our fun with more Mommy spontaneity with the video below. I chuckled as mom's passed by saying, "_____, you can't do that b/c we don't have a change of clothes." Neither did we, but does it REALLY matter if you are just going home afterwards.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Among Sisters

We are all have many roles; wives, mothers, care givers, homemakers, career women, daughters, sisters, mentors, ministers, teachers, coaches, and most importantly, daughters of the King. Our Heavenly Father. That defines us and we are loved.

This weekend these sisters in ministry had the opportunity to be loved on by our husbands and church body. What a humbling experience for us all...thank you so much FBC and our precious hubbies that held down the fort. We drank lots of coffee, cried, laughed, ate, rested, slept, and had a whole bunch of giggles and I am so thankful to work along side some AMAZING women!

Girlie Fun!

Over the last few weeks I have had this desire to make more clothes, but this time it was for our little 1 year old niece, Isabella-Kate. I borrowed a pattern for a pillowcase dress from a friend, and then just went to town! Can I just tell you how much fun it is to pick out girlie fabrics and "big bow" stuff!!! After making my niece two dresses, that I regret not getting pictures of, a friend asked if I'd make her one. This is for a 24 month old, but made with a double hem so them can get at least 2-3 years out of it. I know I share so much boy stuff, I just had to share this joy!

School's In Session

"School In a Box"
We started school almost 4 weeks ago and it has just flown! I chose to ease the boys back into it, and to be honest, to ease myself into it also:-) Each day looks a little different with two at my feet but overall we have a workable routine. Although Owen is doing seat work in the mornings and the others are at "stations" I've made time for us to do some lighthearted learning together.This is a picture of an activity that I can do with all three fellas, and challenge them at their ability at the same time. It is a box of random nick-nacks from our home, and by asking different questions, such as, "Tate, can you find me 5 yellow things....Griffin, can you find me 3 things that are circles....Owen, can you find me 5 things that are 2 syllables?" then we are all able to celebrate each person's pile. For those of you, that have pre-schoolers at your feet, this is a fabulous way to teach different concepts, such as math, pre-reading, grammar, and even rhythm.

The boys hard at work painting the solar system onto their shirts. For some reason, Griffin has been fascinated with drawing Earth, rockets, and astroids, so we decided to study the planets a little and then create.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July Fun in the Sun

Much of July was spent outside enjoying summer since school was quickly approaching, and here are a few shots of the fun in the sun! I really have just savored this summer with the fellas. They are all so differently independent, but all the while still needing mama. I really just tried to remind myself that this was the ONLY summer I have with Owen 6, Griffin 4, and Tate 2, and I feel that I have done just that. It sounds so simple but I have those thoughts of "when they are ____ they can do this alone" and my goal was to not wish any time or experience with them away, and I'm so thankful that I did. So I enjoyed the holding onto me at the pool as I about drown with 3 little bodies trying to dunk me- well, not really but you get a good picture:-)

Wow it's cccccoooollllddddd!

A new and improved slip-n-slide

What a funtastic face!!!

"Road to My Roots"

Well, today is Grandma JO's ..... birthday so I am honoring her request of showing her the pickles I made, that she helped me pick, (well, we actually picked cucumbers but you know) and also I picture of my hair almost as blonde as hers. On my "road to my roots" this is another stop along the way...

So, here you go!