Friday, August 27, 2010

New Beginnings

Three weeks ago our family started school with Owen in second grade and Griffin in kindergarten. The boys have done awesome with their work load thus far, and have had amazing attitudes each day. It really is wonderful hearing your own children come to you and say,"Can we start school yet?" or to see them go upstairs and get started early. Wow! I have been blown away by it all! I know the "honeymoon" and newness will wear off and we will have more challenging days to come, but my heart's desire is that they always desire to learn.
Learn new.
Be challenged.
Question reality-Wrestle with their growing character.

This year we have done things a little different and it has proved to be a blessing. I moved our school room upstairs to the latter part of our bonus room. More for me really. In the past, while the boys would be working at the kitchen table, I found myself distracted by the dishes, laundry, or toys to put away and when I left the table to tend to them, the concentration and attention would spiral out. Now, we have a set place to do our work and mommy's is ONLY (haha) multitasking the fellas school work. Chad and I also talked about the role he could play with homeschool, and we thought that if he would start our days praying for us, that would be huge! It has been just that. Tate usually yells down the stairs, "Daddy, time to pray" or he'll say, "the principal needs to pray." Funny how one statement of mommy being the teacher and daddy the principal has stuck:-)

Well, if you have tracked our family for any amount of time, you know Owen has always had an interest in music. At 18 months we put him in a music class and he's desire hasn't waned. The last two years he has talked about learning to play an instrument, and this spring he mentioned a violin after going to the JazzFest. Well, I let it go to see if it would come back in conversation and , sure enough, it did. About two months ago he said, "Mom, the fiddle makes the most beautiful music!" I almost chuckled out loud. His passion is refreshing. Chilling. Contagious.

Here is today after picking up his violin. Friday nights are movie nights and this is how I found him on the couch. Precious!

Dear Jesus, Thank you for Owen's tender heart towards music. I pray he will play loudly for you and Your glory. No one else! Stir in his heart a beat that continues and evolves as you grow him in wisdom and stature. May He never let go of this passion....just the way you made him."

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