Thursday, September 2, 2010

Water gun refill = 8 stitches

A post about stitches is one that I knew would come at some point in the life of our family, BUT the details of how stitches get on one's face is never known, and this week proved my point.

Monday afternoon we were playing outside with water guns and jumping on the trampoline with our best buds. Everyone was soaked, but Griffin needed to refill. He went inside and then about 5 minutes later I heard screaming at the back door. Well, I just assumed his hands were wet and he was just yelling, "Mom, help!" because he couldn't open the door. Well, what I saw on the other side of that door is a picture stamped in my mind forever. I opened the door and Griffin's face was COVERED with blood. I couldn't see his eyes..all I saw was blood.

My heart sank but my mind went into mommy mode with my mind racing with what, when, how, only to repeat over and over in a brief 10 seconds. I yelled to Jen and she called Chad and took all the boys to her house. I immediately wiped his face to find the wound. My heart sank again, but I said, "Grif, we have to go to the doctor-you need stitches. Hold this on your head, Can You?" Yes, I think-

I carried him to the car and told him he would have to hold the towel on his head..."ok" I immediately called our pediatrician and asked if we should come there or go to the ER. Thankfully they said, when can you get here-give me 8-10 minutes!
Once there, the nurses were amazing! Most came in to check out the wound and some thought we would need staples. But because it was on the face, Doc opted for stitches. 8 stitches! So, becaue I'm clueless with medical stuff, I asked,"how deep was it? He said, "You were looking at his skull! yuck! Thank you LORD for stopping there!

My little warrior was mighty brave that day! The only fear that came over him was when they wrapped him in the papoose to keep him still. He looked at me and HUGE tears rolled down his face. After that, doc numbed the incision and then stitched it up. About half way through, he just asked, "Can we be done yet?"-so cute:-)

So we were done with the WHOLE ordeal within an hour, and only 10 minutes after being home he wanted to play basketball and about resilient! Like my brother said, kids are way more resilient than the true!

So on the way home I got the scoop of HOW:
"I went to the bathroom, then stepped on the stool to refill my gun and when I stepped off, I slipped and hit my head on the toilet." Toilet?! "Yes, and sure enough while we were gone, my wonderful hubby cleaned the bathroom. He said there was a huge blood mark on the rim of the toilet and drops all through our home.

I am grateful: he didn't pass out, could come get me, didn't pass out in the car, Jen took the others, Chad cleaned the bathroom, Dr. E was at the office, we had peace, the nurses were so attentive, friends were praying, and it wasn't more severe!


Jenna said...

Griff your the MAN!!!
We prayed for you guys after you sent the pic...power of pray still amazes me :)

Now you know what kind of stock your Vinson Boys are made of... :)

Sending you all are love from here...Isabella says to kiss Griff's booboo..haha
love you

Chrystal said...

Oh my goodness! Poor little guy!! Hope he's better soon!

Anna Morrison said...

I've had this little guy on my mind a lot. Glad you were able to type up this to share.

Big hugs to you . . .