Friday, August 6, 2010

Ferguson/Vinson Fam

This is a rare moment to snap a picture with my brother, but I'm so grateful I did. A week after we were there, he was in a horrible mtn. biking accident and crushed his collar bone. Last week he had surgery and they were able to place everything back with the aid of a steel plate and multiple screws! What a trooper! So thankful he is doing better, but pls pray for complete recovery!

Look closely to the top of the swing set...yes, that is Haywood walking the plank directly above the youngers guys.. The adventure apple doesn't fall

Hamilton-5, Owen-7, Griffin-5

Hallsey-8 Our family's princess...beautiful inside and OUT. She has such a servant heart that was so tender to our guys:-)


Lima said...

Yes, I'll have to second that! She IS a wonderful hostess, sweet servant, and very beautiful! :)

Lima said...

Yes to all the other comments about the boys too! :) We loved your visit here and will have to get out there sooner than later for sure!