Friday, August 6, 2010

Ivey's 95th birthday

Willa Elizabeth Morgan Ivey celebrated her 95th birthday with 75 of her closest friends and family. Who is she? This amazing woman is my grandmother who has shaped my life in so many ways. I grew up spending every Sunday afternoon at her home either picking strawberries, riding the tractor, making biscuits, enjoying her strawberry shortcake, reading the comics after Sunday dinner~aka "lunch" for some of you:-), swinging on the tree swing, counting cows in the truck, riding our go-cart around the house, grooming the horses, and enjoying her amazing food. She has always been a very progressive woman considering her own mom was a post-master and Ivey went to college back in the 1930's. Even to this day she enjoys reading and painting. Just this past year she has painted 7 different oil landscape scenes and has done an amazing job. She has continued to keep her mind active and continues to go as she can.
Dear Jesus, Thank you for the beautiful servant you created in Ivey. I am so grateful for what she means to me and my family. My she continue to grow as Your child even at 95.

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