Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ferguson Thanksgiving/Christmas in Gatlinburg, TN

Here are a few of the 150+ pictures taken in 4 days of fun. My mom and brother's family traveled west to Gatlinburg,TN to spend some much needed time together. We stayed in a wonderful facility that had a fun playground, putt-putt golf, and indoor and outdoor pool. And needless-to-say, that is where we spent most of our time together. We had a blast! The boys and Hallsey all faired the outdoor pool, while the rest of us just enjoyed the hottubs :-) We also went biking one morning and then hiking in the Smokies another day. The weekend couldn't have been more wonderful to be outside. We had two condos for the 11 of us, so space and "down time" was a must with these nonstop cousins.


The Moore Family said...

SOOO funny that we were there the same weekend, wasn't it gorgeous?!! Oh, and your brother looks JUST like you! I'm sure you hear that all the time. Great pictures, your boys are so handsome!

Karen said...

glad to see these pics! I know you guys must have had a blast. Weren't the boys freezing their little bootys off???

I am so glad you got to get away! Love you friend!!