Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vinson/Parker Thanksgiving

This year, Poppy, Yaya, Aunt Chel-belle, Uncle D, Aunt Jenna and Isabella came to our house for Thanksgiving. We had such a fun and cozy :-) time playing monkey in the middle, biking, watching Derek enjoy the wii ( we really think he was trying to burn off all he had eaten since he boxed by himself for an hour or more), sewing with Jen, sharing Thanksgiving with the Pattons, and celebrating Christmas early. My favorite part was just having everyone around in enjoying the hub-bub of 11 in one house for a few days. FYI, the little girl in the above picture is our niece sitting with the boys. Here are some snapshots of our fun!
Tate's surprise

Griffin's surprise

Owen's surprise

Poppy and Tate

Josh P. (home from Navy) and Tate

Jeff Patton and Isabella


Anna Morrison said...

Wow!! You've been busy. Looks like a lot of great family time.

Can we catch up one afternoon this week? I miss you.

Oh, the Playmobil gifts look awesome! My kids will be so jealous!

Esser Family said...

I am glad you had a great time. My mom and dad and derek and his crew will be at our house this yesr for Christmas. There is something about being home with the family and not having to travel that makes the visit so great. Thank you for the few pictures of Isabella. She changes so much!!

Karen said...

what great pics! Isabella is so cute and so big! I know you guys must have had a great time!

Jenna said...

Hey you! Ok so I am slack but working on getting your pics to you. We got a new computer and internet so I have no excuse anymore. :)

P.S Isabella walks around the house saying "See Ta (tate)" all the time. Love you