Saturday, December 12, 2009

Community Group Dinner

THis past Wednesday we had the fun of hosting of CG's Christmas dinner. We had 14 adults and 10 children and a bunch of food. It was so great to watch these children play, eat and love on one another. We were all so surprised how well they all did together...they actually all sat and ate together...grazed some...and then back for dessert. All the while, the girls had one table and the fellas another. I'm so grateful for my small group and the sweet things we get to do together.
This fall we helped a new family at church move to a new home and this week we all had the privilege to go shopping for a family that we adopted for Christmas. We not only got them Christmas but were able to treat them to lunch and pay their bills. I don't know about ya'll, but there is something special that happens in your heart when you give to someone w/out anything in return...a stirring of pure generosity. I wish I was like that all the time, but if I was honest...I'm not.

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