Sunday, August 30, 2009

Precious Moments

Today our family and church body enjoyed the fellowship of time with each other at a local park. With that came, good food, inflatables for the kiddos and a baptismal time for new professed believers. One of Griffin's best bud's parents were baptized, and that started a precious conversation with Griffin.

Griffin = When can I too be put under the water like Ms. Nikki and Mr. Mike?
Mom= Well buddy, when you ask Jesus to come into your heart and take away your yucky sin, then he can live there and help you make good choices."
Griffin= I want to do that.
Mom=OK buddy, let's pray and ask Jesus to take away your sin and live in your heart
Griffin= OK

This truly is a sacred moment in our family! True, I don't know how much his little mind can grasp, but he has grasped enough to know he has sin and only Jesus can take it away.

On a funny note, Owen was talking (surprise, surprise) during our whole prayer, and then finally I asked him what he wanted and he said, "Mom, you need to show Griffin the Easter Eggs book about how we are on one side and God is on the other and a cross is the bridge for us to get to God. You need to read him that book tomorrow, Mom." You are right Owen- yeah, that's the book we read when I asked Jesus into my heart......

Precious moments for this proud mama!!


Anna Morrison said...

This post warmed my heart. I wish I could squeeze those sweet and precious boys.

Savor these days.

Rejoicing with you!

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

oh, that is such a sweet story, i'm glad you wrote it down to cherish for the rest of your lives! :) precious, laurie!

Anonymous said...

tears in my eyes... how special!