Sunday, August 23, 2009

School's In Session

"School In a Box"
We started school almost 4 weeks ago and it has just flown! I chose to ease the boys back into it, and to be honest, to ease myself into it also:-) Each day looks a little different with two at my feet but overall we have a workable routine. Although Owen is doing seat work in the mornings and the others are at "stations" I've made time for us to do some lighthearted learning together.This is a picture of an activity that I can do with all three fellas, and challenge them at their ability at the same time. It is a box of random nick-nacks from our home, and by asking different questions, such as, "Tate, can you find me 5 yellow things....Griffin, can you find me 3 things that are circles....Owen, can you find me 5 things that are 2 syllables?" then we are all able to celebrate each person's pile. For those of you, that have pre-schoolers at your feet, this is a fabulous way to teach different concepts, such as math, pre-reading, grammar, and even rhythm.

The boys hard at work painting the solar system onto their shirts. For some reason, Griffin has been fascinated with drawing Earth, rockets, and astroids, so we decided to study the planets a little and then create.


Sunshine said...

great ideas! way to go with the paint too!

Karen said...

love seeing them learning...and in such a super fun way. way to go girl!

Chrystal said...

WOW!! What a great idea! Laurie you are so creative. Your boys are super lucky to have such a great mom!

Watson Warriors said...

So fun. I love that they are in "school" with no shirts on, a cape, and aprons. Hilarious! I want to go to that school! =) ha, ha