Saturday, August 29, 2009


if you know me well, then you are aware of my inability to be spontaneous. If it is not on our home calendar of events, then it won't likely happen.... even including the house cleaning, which is USUALLY Friday. But not TODAY! I'm learning to embrace spontaneity and liking it. Yesterday was an overcast day with cooler weather which just screamed at me during breakfast...ZOO DAY. We haven't enjoyed it much this summer because of the heat, but today was great. Hardly anyone was there and the boys had a blast. We ended our fun with more Mommy spontaneity with the video below. I chuckled as mom's passed by saying, "_____, you can't do that b/c we don't have a change of clothes." Neither did we, but does it REALLY matter if you are just going home afterwards.

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Laura Watson said...

So fun.....I love it. Next time you have a spontaneous urge...give us a call!