Thursday, February 28, 2008


Have you heard of it?
I had not prior to an episode of Oprah that I watched yesterday. It was amazing enough for me to take the time to watch her, so this was an added bonus for the pleasure.
IF you didn't see it or have never heard of FREEGAN, it is a grass-roots organization focusing on conservation of consumerism. That may not be the correct phrasing, but these people are all about spending less, not buying the latest this or that, and rummaging through grocery and bakery trash to find and live off the food that is found. It may sound utterly gross to most, but I was facsinated with their findings.
These freegans aren't doing this because of financial strappings, but are choosing this lifestyle. They spend an average of $10-20/wk on groceries.....CRAZY!!!
This one particular woman was an attorney in NYC making 6 digit figures, and opted out of her excess consumerism lifestyle. She is the one who found a ton of great fruit that had been trashed because of a blimish. She and others went through Whole Foods dumpster and a bagel place. They found a whole trash bag full of bagels and took them home. Kudos for her...
This other couple interviewed lived in Nashville; husband was an optometrist(?) and wife was a radiologist..not lacking in funds, but they stocked their newlywed pad with dishes and furniture from local dumps. It was amazing.
Now, I must say that I love hand-me-downs and second hand finds, but looking for non expired food in grocery dumps is a new on for me.

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Anna Morrison said...

i have been super sick but enjoyed reading this post of yours. i watched this episode of Oprah yesterday while lying on the couch. i was totally taken with the idea as well. never heard of it. yes, it is gross, but admirable on the other hand. really makes me think. i knew grocery stores threw out a lot but never new that it was that much good stuff. i just figured it was expired and not edible. not so.
i don't think i will be going through the local dumpsters just yet, but i will be more thoughtful about how much we take in here.
i really needed that little note you sent yesterday. perfect timing. thank you.
i miss you.