Sunday, February 24, 2008

Owen turns five

I can't believe it has been five years since my first delivery. These last few years have flown by but all the while I have tried my best to savor each moment.
Owen is a true joy and blessing in our home. Owen loves to read and listen to stories, and is now beginning to pick out sight words on his own as we read together. He loves to create. Creating sea animals with his model clay is a passion these days. He really loves being with Griffin and playing near him....maybe not always together, but they have such a precious friendship. He is a quiet leader and desires to please others with encouraging words and actions. I enjoy listening to Owen interact with his animals and brothers when he is unaware of my presence. He has a genuine care for people. Owen loves Jesus, and loves to learn new worship songs to sing. I am grateful for his tenderness to Scripture and a humbleness to training.
Since Owen chose not to have a party this year, we celebrated his actual birthday at home. He was king for the day. He chose cinnamon rolls for breakfast, we spent the morning at the Discovery Center, read books ALL during the boys naps, and we went to Applebee's for dinner. Owen was completely stoked with the idea of them bringing him a dessert while singing to him. His smile was from east to west! I know he felt loved today!-these pics were from 2/19...not today :-)
Father, thank you for the gift of children, and especially Owen as we celebrated him today. You have given him to us for a short while and my prayer is that in ALL my time and energy with him, that I would keep eternity in mind. Help me to stay focused on who you are creating in him, and that I would always bring him back to you. You love him so much more than I and I am confident that you have mighty plans for this little child....... In Jesus Name

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday Little Man...You ARE certainly loved! Glad you got to be king for the day. You are a half of a decade!!

p.s....I like when they sing to me at the restaurant too;);)