Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy

32 things we love about daddy,
1. the way he jumps with us on the trampoline
2. wrestling with us after work
3. reading to us during the day and at bedtime
4. dancing crazy
5. his laughter in our home
6. coming home to us each day
7. letting us drive his car (in the drive way)
8. doing laundry
9. helping around the house
10. vaccuuming
11. sweeping
12. taking Owen to go run or work-out with him
13. snuggling with Griffin on the couch
14. great hugger
15. taking time with each one of us
16. how he walks and talks on the phone outside :-)
17. love for relevancy of the Word
18. he loves to read
19. loves to drive
20. enjoys ultimate frisbee
21. Monday lunch with the family
22. he loves the youth kids
23. he answers all our WHY questions
24. his ability to sleep at any moment
25. he makes great smores on the grill
26. he is silly
27. he takes care of all our yard work
28. taught Owen "not to have an attitude" (Owen's exact words)
29. taught Griffin how to throw a football
30. tickles Tate so he'll cackle
31. plans babysitters so we can go out
32. loves us all unconditionally!

1 comment:

mandy said...

we are so thankful for you, chad! imagine opening a box of honey nut cheerios from us for your bday. hope it was a blessed day.