Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chattanooga Aquarium

On Friday morning we headed to Chattanooga for a day of family fun. It seems to have become a yearly tradition in our family since living here, but this year was a little different. We were going to celebrate Owen's birthday! A few months ago we were talking one day about his birthday, and he commented about going to the aquarium, so.....we told him he could decide whether he wanted a party with friends and toys or a day with family and animals. He chose the later. We had a absolute blast. The pictures will give you a glimpse into our day, but here are the highlights...
1. Eating Bojangle's (daddy's fav)
2. Petting the string rays (owen's fav)
3. Watching the penguins (grif's fav)
4. Trying to catch the butterflies.....tooooo cute (Tate's fav)
5. Being with my boys AND visiting my college roomie Amy for a few minutes

The day was full of excitement as we also went to the Creative Museum for about an hour and then on to watch "Sea Monsters" I MAX. THe boys were pooped after a full day, and mommy and daddy got to spend time talking in the car. For now, that is usually the most productive conversation time :-)

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Anna Morrison said...

what a field trip! this is so fun. i know owen loved it.
you'll have to tell me about how amy is. that's great you were able to see her.
call me soon. :)