Thursday, February 7, 2008


For the last few weeks, Tate has continued to strengthen his"walking" legs. You could often see him walk from one side of the couch to the other, or from one chair to the other, or also from one end of the kitchen to the dining room. It has been so fun to watch him laugh at himself and his brothers as they pretend to chase him. Well, I finally got a video of mostly Tate and not of his brothers jumping in front of the camera. :-) Tilt your head to the left, watch and enjoy his laughter!


Anna Morrison said...

Pure delight!!

Love the Fuzzi Bunz. :)

Karen said...

precious! I love how right at the end a certain little someone's back takes over the picture! haha!

sweet little tater tot!

mandy said...

hey laurie. can you give me the scoop on the fuzzibunz diapers you use and what i would need for #4? thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey laurie-
will you take my blog off -
it's been replaced- yucky.
mandy walters