Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's for Breakfast?

A few days ago while I was fixing Tate's porridge, Griffin decided to serve himself another bowl of Cheerios. As you can tell, he wanted to feed every creature that is trying to make it inside our house due to the hot weather. We were able to salvage quite a few cheerios, but more importantly, I am learning to enjoy his growing independence even if it does include a few cheerios to the trash. You would be amazed, I just chuckled versus the alternative.


Anna Morrison said...

Nice of you to respond with a lighthearted attitude. Great photos.

Karen said...

You should have saved the extra Cheerios for an art project!:) You can do all knds of things with glue and Cheerios! So...Griffin wanted a second bowl of Cheerios...that's surprising!:):)hehe!