Friday, September 7, 2007

"Tate-a-bud" turns 1

We have had such a great day celebrating Tate! I got up a little earlier than normal to surprise the boys with their favorite muffins, Banana Chocolate Chip, for Tate's birthday. We all love these muffins, so it was fun to watch Tate join us in indulging. At lunch we packed a picnic and went to a neighborhood park. All the boys enjoyed the swings and Owen and Griffin tried out the climbing wall. It actually backs up to a friend's house, so we were able to get out of the hot summer for a little while. Then tonight when Daddy got home, we went out to eat and came home for a walk. It was such a restful day enjoying Tate!

Tate loves to babble, crawl like crazy, pull up, try to destroy his brother's creations, chew on anything, laugh a hearty giggle, and be our human vaccuum. He brings so much laughter and pure joy to our lives. I must say, my favorite part of the day was when the boys were all dancing to Daddy's ipod music "Bad to the Bones" and Griffin reaches down and kisses Tate on the head. Impromptu! Precious! Unforgettable! Frequently I will find Griffin doing that just to remind Tate that he loves him.

I am so thrilled to see all three of the boys showing some kind of endearment to one another. That is what our life is about. Celebrating each other, learning from each other, challenging each other, refining each other, and loving each other.

Precious Creator of Life, thank you for blessing our family with Tate Landry. Help us to guide his tender roots to a need for you and a desire to live wholeheartly for you. We need your love and grace in nurturing this little, tender warrior for battle. Teach us all!


mandy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Tate!! We are so thankful for you and we praise the Lord for you!

Anna Morrison said...

What a sweet post! We certainly are thankful for that little guy. I am so glad you had a day full of celebrating your little guy. Love you, Laurie.