Saturday, September 1, 2007

Real Life; Real Community

I am always amazed at what God is doing in all of our lives and what we need to learn. For some, including our family, it is a repeated pattern, and the last few weeks has been no exception. Life can be messy, tiring, joyful, and rich, but we all were created to share each of those moments with others. Sometimes with immediate family and sometimes with other family God puts in our lives.
A few weeks ago, Chad fell victim to a violent stomach bug and within the same week my back locked up. When I say violent, I mean, stuff coming from every direction leaving him quite a few pounds lighter(not needed on his physique). For me, it meant I could not walk the first day and could not lift anything, my precious little ones included. Days have passed and I am grateful for our doctors' wisdom, rest, and most vitally, our community of family and friends.
Chad's mom flew in on a moments notice and my mom came the day she left. Knowing that we were not back to 100% when mom had to leave, , we were a little nervous about being "on our own." Amazingly, God had already orchestrated the whole event. Since Wed., mom's departure, the boys have a picnic at the park, our lawn has been mowed, meals have been brought over, and today the boys are hanging at one of our youth family's house. Talk about rich blessings! God was already stirring in the hearts of these servants as to how they could be blessed. That is how God works, but we as humans, myself included, don't like to FEEL needy. Hello, we are all needy, why else do Christ die! But so often we get comfortable and complacent to always "help" others that we don't recognize our own need for community. I am so grateful that Christ continues to teach me my need for others.
No it is not always easy to say you need help, but the more honest I am, and less sanitized I am, the more approachable and real God makes you.
P.S. Take a chance, and don't act like you have it all together, because if you did, then you don't really need a Savior.
Just recently, our church videoed some couples on their experience of real community. Check it out!

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I love you sweet friend!!!