Friday, October 5, 2007

Griffin is king of the day!

Today we have completely enjoyed Griffin! He brings so much laughter and silliness to our family, and it's just great! We decided to let our special little man make all the decisions for the day, and that he did. (Some of you may cringe at the amount of TV time, but don't's 1 day)

I woke up to the sounds of Owen and Griffin playing upstairs together, and then I hear from Owen, "Today is a wonderful day!" As he makes his way to my room, Tate already with me for breakfast, we started singing Happy Birthday at the top of our lungs as Griffin trailed down the stairs. If you know Griffin at all, direct attention is not something he relishes, so of course he was turning his head in a bashful way (smiling the whole time, I know he REALLY did like the attention).

In the morning, Griffin watched Fox and the Hound 2 while eating a bagel and cream cheese (tofutti). A truly luxury, compliments of Emily and Karen. He then did 2 art projects; slithery snakes and an octopus. For lunch we had quesidillas, soy pudding, and grapes, while watching CARS. Then on to TOYS R Us to redeem a birthday present. Grandparents are so good to send a little green, so we stocked up on art supplies and Diesel 10 (A Thomas Engine). A little side note, unless you want to have a puddle of glue on the floor beneath your cart, I learned not to let your now 3 year old hold the new toy: the glue bottle. It made for an interesting creation, dried glue on his hands, legs, and hair...the fun never ends! :-)

By that point, we all needed naps! Since everyone was eager to enjoy all the new supplies, we spent the afternoon painting, mixing colors, and making gooey pictures. While they dried, we played basketball, soccer, and trains. Dinner and a movie. Quiche, chips, and carrots while glued (hehe) to the tube: Open Season. We finished up the night playing more trains, reading, and giggling.

Well, there you have it.....the joys of my 3 old little guy...GRIFFIN!

Precious Lord, you have created each of my children so uniquely and for that I'm grateful. Thank you for Griffin's love for his brothers, sports, the outdoors, and tv. Guide Chad and I to shepherd his heart for a passion to serve and honor you with his heart, words, and deeds. I'm honored to be his "momma".

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Anna Morrison said...

Hooray for Griffin!! What an awesome and memorable day!