Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Little Helpers

This past Tuesday I spent more time than normal cleaning and tidying up around the house. I had anticipated Thursday and Friday being full, so if I was going to have a "clean" house, (That phrase is debatable) Tuesday was the day. I usually like to get the boys situated in an activity after we have tidied up, but this day I was explaining how I also needed to mop today. Owen then states, "Mom, I'm a great mopper! Let me do it!" I was so taken back, I just said...Go for it. It was a perfect opportunity to guide him and train his little helping heart. I was so proud of him and his willingness to offer. Now, it may NEVER happen again until he is assigned mopping, but for now, I will treasure it.

My other two monkeys, Griffin and Tate, also pitched in with chores. Yes, it takes twice as long, but I just love the fact that my boys are learning the skills to do housework. Chad does an amazing job helping out around the house, so I know his example is definately contagious ...What a blessing! I know how much I love his help, and maybe, Lord willing, some lovely daughter-in-laws will reap the blessing as well.


Anonymous said...

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Chrystal said...

These pictures are priceless! I love a good helper too, even though it does take three times as long to do the task!