Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Right

This morning during breakfast Owen and I had the wonderful chance to eat alone, because the rest of the crew was still sleeping. It was such a fun, sweet, opportunity for me to see and hear how he processes information, so let me give you a glimpse of our time together.
Owen: Mommy, What are flying saucers?
Mommy: Well, it's like a frisbee that flys through the sky, but only alot larger.
Owen: Is it pretend?
Mommy: Yes, in the beginning, God created humans, but flying saucers carry aliens, so they are pretend.
Owen: O.K., so God didn't create aliens.
Mommy: No, just humans to live on Earth.
(at this point he grabs his solar system model he has just recently finished painting)
Owen: So, no one lives on all these other planets?
Mommy: No, because Earth is just the right distance from the Sun. Can people live on Mercury or Venus?
Owen: No
Mommy: why?
Owen: They would burn and you could see their bones.
Mommy: What about these? (pointing to all the others)
Owen: They would freeze. So, it's kind of like Goldilocks and the bears' porridge......Mercury and Venus are too hot and all the others are too, super duper cold, but Earth is "just right"

How's that for a breakfast chat! It was just precious to see his little wheels turning as he was understanding it all and connecting it to a story. Again tonight he told Chad the same explanation. I was beaming all day I as realize more and more the importance of taking advantage of those "alone" times with my guys and not rushing throughout my day.

For those of you wondering about the MRI, I will share the next step as soon as I know. :-)

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mandy said...

please tell me you are going to scrapbook that conversation??? how precious. can't wait to see you in april...i already marked the day off so we won't have anything else on it! love you.