Sunday, March 13, 2011

Changing it up!

Well, after 10 years of wear and tear on our furniture, we are doing something new. We didn't want to buy new because we really enjoy the feel of our stuff plus we couldn't imagine just getting rid of perfectly good furniture just to change it up, sooo cheers to slipcovers!
After much search for the "right" fabric, I had a friend make the slipcover for our couch. It is now a deep chocolate and the chair and ottoman will be a geometric fabric that matches. To help cut some cost, I ventured to make the ottoman slipcover. Let me just say, I have a new appreciation for Lori Paschal and her labor of love for making slipcovers. Granted, it was my first experience so I know it took me twice as long with the learning curve, but the detail, pinning, stitching, and straightening is tedious!! But it is really fun to look at it knowing I labored over it and tried something new. It really was fun letting the boys watch me learn a new skill, fail, redo, but continue to persevere. And MUCH thanks to another friend who guiding my first cuttings for the ottoman!
I still have the bottom cording and hem, but it is essentially done! Here's the progress:
beginning to pin and stitch the top
The top and sides of cushion..
Essentially finished!

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