Monday, January 31, 2011

Inside out Snowy day FUN!

Outside fun!!!
THis video was a day or two after our 6" snow at a popular spot so most of the snow is gone, but the ice prevailed! The ice proved to be a great slide for the fellas!

Inside fun!
A new family favorite show is Winter Wipeout that comes on every Thursday night. Well, while Daddy was out of town, the boys wanted to create their own version of the show. So, watch with caution....if you haven't seen the hilarious show or a commercial for it, it is 3 obstacle courses with elimination of contestants a each round. So, the last 3 people standing compete for $$$. Our version's goal is just to reach a "prize" ours being a sippy cup. haha Enjoy the show! after MULTIPLE tries, I can't upload the Wipeout Video...possibly because it is too long. But if you can imagine Owen throwing pillows continuously at Griffin while also swinging a kitchen towel at his face while he jumps from chair to chair, then you get a mental picture of our 2 minute video. Oh yeah, also imagine Tate hopping across the room squealing, NOW you know what you are missing! ;-0

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Karen said...

that actually sounds really fun...when can TK join the fun?;)i