Monday, March 14, 2011

I have a "TWEEN"....Owen is 8!

A couple weeks back we celebrated Owen's 8th birthday with a STAR WARS sleepover. I idealistically thought they would just eat pizza, wtch maybe 2 movies, eat popcorn and then hit the sack. Oh the revelations of a house full of 8 year olds....Thank the Lord Chad was here to help as was a dear friend, Zack. The boys were TONS of energy going from eating pizza, making a bonfire, building 3D "sturdy structures" out of pasta and marshmellows, watching things burn, hitting the pinata till it was demolished, playing football outsde till 10:15, and THEN starting the movie. We had a few early sleepers, but most stayed up till about 12:30, and THEN were ready to start again at 5:30AM!!!! We just rolled with it and let them have fun, and fun was had by ALL. Owen felt TOTALLY loved on with a very diverse group of friends from homeschool, church and scouts. HEre are a few snapshots......
All hands on deck to help decorate the sign
Owen wanted to make sure the parents knew what we were doing ....such the planner....just in case they needed to pick anyone up early
All of his friends that came to celebrate
My sad attempt to create Darth Vader...thankfully it tasted much better than it looked.haha
My super happy skater
"Pile on the birthday boy"
Half the boys still sleeping at 6:30am....the rest playing outside or upstairs
playing football till about 10:15 at night
Dear Jesus, Thank you for these precious boy that you have entrusted to us for a short while. Thank you for gifting him in ways that make him unique and fearfully made. I pray that he would grow in his confidence of You and Your love for him, and that he would continue to nurture and celebrate the way You made him. ..

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