Saturday, September 11, 2010

Going to "pee-school"

Two weeks ago, Tate did something no one else in the Vinson home has done, started preschool!! He has been beyond thrilled about the idea since we signed him up the beg. of summer. Ms. Julie and Ms. Kristy have been so patient with Tate as he is learning authority from someone else. Above are "Treats from Tate" that we sent on the first day to say "thank you" for all the hard prep work to get his room ready. I really appreciate the role preschool will play our family, because it gives Tate some time with kiddos his age doing his age activities. And while he is away at school, Owen and Griffin are picking up two more subjects to cover on those days. We take school decisions one year at a time, and for this year, pee-school is one we are excited about. (I'm hoping he will find the letter R at he will say pre-school) lol


Anna Morrison said...

pee-school, hilarious. such sweet pictures. what a gift for you and him during this season of life. i want to hear more soon. :)

Unknown said...

halo am virginia for kenye the girl u supposed. Thank you for all the support u showed me and my familiy