Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tate and "Piderman"

On Labor Day, Tate's birthday, we spent some great time with some of his buddies. This year we went to a local park that is a favorite hangout of our family. It is so hard to believe that he is already 3, wow time flies. He is such a source of laughter and "funness" in our home. He definately is opinionated and can stand on his own with his older brothers, but they are also the apple of his eye. He totally adores "owey" and "iffin". As I watched them play together the other day, I was so grateful for siblings; for my boys to have siblings to romp and roam with, laugh with , and grow with.


Virginia Ferguson said...

You are so precious in His sight!! I'm so proud of you and share in your celebration of 3 years!!!
I loved seeing pics of your "piderman" party. GMom

Anna Morrison said...

Hooray for Tate! What a sweet presence he has in your family.
Siblings are amazing, I agree. I love watching them together.
Enjoy! I love you all.