Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Future Boy-Brother Band - haha

Yesterday while Chad was getting ready, I caught Tate dancing solo to a certain rap song Chad was playing. (Oh yeah, while Tate was dancing, Owen and Griffin were riding cushions down the stairs. Can you tell it's gotten a little colder in TN? ha) So by the time I got the camera and got one good video, all the boys wanted in on the action. So there's to the latest brother boy band in the making. Check out Tate's facial expressions... they just make me laugh. So, I'm warning you about the giggle and the at the end.

Our past weeks have been full with lots of Fall fun buzzing in our home. Owen is doing really well with reading and writing as well as beginning to draw. Last week we went over to a youth student's home to have "drum lessons." That's a little dramatic, but let me just say that Owen loved it. He was in awe of the full set. The student was trying so hard to help Owen understand playing two parts of the drum in different rythyms. When we came home Owen wanted to know when his next lesson was..can we say..he loves it! So of course the little guys wanted in on the action. I'm so thankful for this opportunity, and just love watching his face light up. We'll see how tomorrow goes with the next "lesson." FYI grandparents, we are good for now WITHOUT our own set :-D


Anna Morrison said...

Absolutely adorable. Love Tate's face and the cool brothers behind him. Man, that is so sweet.

I am tickled that Owen has been enjoying homeschooling and these drumming sessions. You are listening well to his heart and his interests. You are such a great mama!

Kolby said...

This just made my day! This was hilarious. We miss those little guys!