Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Time

This prayer was shared with me and I thought it quite appropriate to share with you:

Holy Father, we pray now for the entire election process today. I pray there will be no violence at the polls. I pray protection over the candidates. Restrain evil men from doing harm to either of the men running for office. I pray that the voting machines will work. I pray that everyone who is eligible and wants to vote will have that opportunity and that every vote will be counted. I pray that the winners will celebrate in humility and that the losers will face defeat with grace. And though we thank you for the opportunity to live in a free and democratic nation where our vote counts, let us never put our trust in any person, political party or institution. We trust in Your sovereignty over our nation and we thank you ahead of time for giving us the leaders that you have ordained for this specific time in our history. Let us submit to the governing authorities you give us as unto You. Call us back to a standard of godliness that will bring you glory and allow us to impact our world for Jesus' sake. Give us, your children, courage, strength and Holy Spirit power in the days ahead to stand before our country in righteousness, which is a gift from You through the death and resurrection of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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