Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sewing Machine

Burp cloths and Bella Kate's blanket

Front of Isabella Kate's blanket

Back of Bella Kate's blanket

Last week when Owen was at Cousin Camp....more of that later.... I spent my boy's nap times sewing. It was a week that I had originally planned to scrapbook, but I literally scrapped that idea when I realized the huge baby boom in our lives. Four girls at church, one college friend adopted, and a new little niece is on the way.

Over the last few years, I have gradually taken up sewing. It has been a source of satisfaction as well as frustration, but I'm learning the hang of it so there are many happier days recently. I was sharing with a friend what I did in my "so-called" spare time last week and she wanted me to share with all of you the pictures. So far, these have just been personal gifts for friends and family. So, if you need any of these gifts....let's talk!


Karen said...

Well I can personally say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of mine!!!!:):) And the quality is outstanding...hehe!!

I cannot get overhow beautiful the one turned out for Jenna...Wow, it really is gorgeous! Good job Laurie!!

Chrystal said...

Laurie you are truly a woman of many talents!! The blankets are absolutely beautiful. I'll definitely keep you in mind for future gifts! :)

mandy said...

love them!! you did a great job. it is funny you posted about sewing because i just pulled out the burp rags you did for anna and smiled as i used them once again.
love you.