Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beach Trip '08

So, here's a glimpse at all the fun we had the last two weeks with all our family. I just loved being around both families for an extended amount of time to really relish them. It wasn't just the holiday rush around that we are used to. We really had great conversation, great food, fun memories, some time to read lots of books, listen to music, play play and more play.

Out time in the Outer Banks started a little rocky with a trip to urgent care then on to the hospital. WE got there Sat. and Sunday morning Griffin woke up with what had to be a 103 temp. Tylenol wouldn't touch it all day, so we left for the hour long drive to urgent care around 3. Once there, they did blood work, chest x-rays, and motrin to get a handle on things. At that point, they mentioned "hospital" and I got anxious. Why, well let's see, we are 15 hours from our doctor, one hour from family in a small coastal town with a 19 bed hospital. So, I immediately called some girls to pray and God completely went before the whole ordeal. We only stayed a few hours got Griffin the medicine he needed for: pneumonia. Crazy in the middle of June!! So his week at the Outer Banks was alot of sleeping and laying low. He really wasn't back to 100% until about 8 days later. On a happy note, with all this antibiotic he was on we were able to rid his body of all dairy. I know most of you are wondering....WHAT! Well, on the way to the beach, Chad and I had made a decision to illiminate cheese from his diet. That was the last of dairy to go, and I was just being stubborn. (But, if nothing else as a parent, we learn sarifice. It looks a little different for everyone) Cheese in some form has been a part of our family, so this was going to be a good time to do it- on vacation, with no normal routines. As for the antibiotic, it truly flushed his system of all good and bad, unfortunately I didn't have a probiotic for him to take, but oh well. The reason for this illiminatation is because of his ezcema on his feet. Well, combined with the sand, sun, antibiotic, and no dairy his feet look wonderful. I was amazed at how quickly his feet started to look better. I am so thankful that I'm learning more and more how to care for our health needs more naturally. It is so amazing to see how our bodies heal when we give them the right foods!!!

Anyways, that was a terribly long post about Griffin's needs but I wanted to share with you all what our family continues to learn.

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Anna Morrison said...

I just took in your whole post. Seeing all the photos just made me so happy. Thanks for the glimpse.

So sorry about your little guy's sickness. That had to have been hard. Hopefully it is smooth sailing for you all now and you can rest easy knowing that that is behind you. Memories, we have to take the good with the bad. Stepping stones, right??

I miss you. Please, let's chat soon.