Monday, July 7, 2008

Outer Banks, NC

"Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning!"

That is line from a famous song, and it definately resounded in our hearts this past week. We had a wonderful time in Corolla, NC with Chad's family of about 30+ people. One would think we would be too cramped for enjoyment, but the house was great. Our place was right on the beach , but the fun part was that we had to drive on the beach to get there. There was no road to take, so all our cars had to be four wheel drive to get 6 miles up the beach. On the flip side, that made it interesting during the day when we were all playing on the beach. I think Owen and Griffin might have learned the art of traffic patrol while building their sand castles. Here's a glimpse of our week: played in the pool, walked out to the beach, played volleyball, played pool, woke up to wild horses by our place, four-wheeled on the sand, flew kites, and learned about "beer-pong" from some cousins. We decided to be the designated tossers. On the 4th, we got to visit Chad's aunt and cousin, Ryan, who has children around our boys age. I just loved getting to see them and get to know that side of the family better.

I will share pictures when we return....we are now in Hilton Head Island with mom, Ivey and soon-to-be Grandma Jo. The week has already been fun with lots of pool and beach time. Owen could easily be mistaken for a fish in the water. He has also made some little friends at the pool, imagine that. :-) Griffin has also come out of his sheel a little this week and is becoming a little more of a risk-taker with the water. as for Tate, all I can say is WATCH OUT! My no fear boy just loves the sand, water, birds and people. He too knows no stranger. What wonderful memories our family is making! I just love it!


Anna Morrison said...

Take it all in, sweet friend. I am so glad you are able to get away. Enjoy!

I miss you.

Yes, I will call . . . :)

Karen said...

yay...I was wondering if you would be able to pist while away! I hope you all enjoy every moment of your time away. Give the boys big kisses from their friends in the 'Boro! Miss you guys...keep having tons of fun!!

Karen said...

that looked weird...I meant "post" while you are away...I was not referring to the past tense of urinating:):)